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Google helps developers automate tasks with Docs API

Google helps developers automate tasks with Docs API

Google has launched a Docs API which enables developers to automate tasks for the popular word processor.

For many people and businesses, Google Docs has become indispensable. I’m even using it to write this humble article.

Today’s API launch helps developers get the most from Google Docs for their own apps.

Many of the supported features in the Docs API are what you’d expect – including the ability to insert, delete, merge, move, and format text.

Using these features, apps implementing the Docs API can do things such as create documents in bulk, generate invoices, and automate previously laborious tasks.

The API was first announced during the firm’s Cloud Next Event last year where it became available in developer preview. Today’s announcement makes the API available for general release.

While in preview, the API was used by companies such as Netflix, Mail Chimp, and others.

One service, task automation service Zapier, has already integrated the Docs API to generate job letters from a template.

You can also now implement the API with comfort knowing it should be production-ready.

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