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Facebook to remove ‘Company Overview’ and ‘Biography’ fields from Pages

Facebook to remove ‘Company Overview’ and ‘Biography’ fields from Pages

The company recommends Page owners add the information to their Page descriptions.

Facebook is alerting Page owners that it is removing a number of fields from Page info starting August 1, 2019


The fields to be removed include Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation, Personal Interests and maybe more, according to a tweet from Matt Navarra (who spotted the changes via Facebook Marketing expert Mari Smith).

Why we should care

Anyone managing a Facebook Page will need to revisit information listed in the fields scheduled to be removed, and add the information they want to remain visible to the Page’s description.

The fields being removed are listed under a Page’s “About” section and, most likely, will not impact a Page’s performance. Page owners can access the fields from “Page info” under Settings. SMBs and public figures whose primary online existence are their Facebook Pages may have important information in those fields. Editing the Page description to include the soon-to-be deleted information will make sure those details remain intact.

More on the news

  • We’ve asked Facebook for a full listing of the fields being removed from Pages, but have yet to receive a response. We’ll be sure to update this story as soon as we know more.
  • One Page owner responded to Matt Navarra’s tweet showing that the “Mission” field for Pages is also scheduled to be deleted.
  • Facebook has been reworking Page features recently, including a test that lets 


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