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Month: April 2019

Google provides two new ways for developers to push app updates

Google has introduced two new ways for developers to push their app updates during the Android Developer Summit this week. The ‘In-App Updates’ API provides features that Android coders have been requesting for some time, according to Google Senior Director of Android Product Management and Developer Relations Stephanie Saad. Developers can now prompt users to…
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Breakthrough in construction of computers for mimicking human brain

A computer built to mimic the brain’s neural networks produces similar results to that of the best brain-simulation supercomputer software currently used for neural-signaling research. Tested for accuracy, speed and energy efficiency, this custom-built computer named SpiNNaker, has the potential to overcome the speed and power consumption problems of conventional supercomputers, with the aim of…
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Microsoft launches Clarity analytics solution for A/B testing

Microsoft has launched a Google Optimize 360 competitor it calls Clarity, a solution enabling web developers to understand user behaviour at scale. The company found limitations in current A/B experimentation solutions it believes could be solved and set out to do so with Clarity. In a blog post, Microsoft wrote: “While A/B experiments allow developers to…
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The software developers: What bespoke means to us

In an ever-evolving market place, bespoke software development can be a tricky thing to pin down to a single definition. Rightly so, it encompasses different possibilities to different companies. For some clients, it’s producing a web based commercial application that interacts with customers, for others it’s producing an all-encompassing multi-platform CRM that serves all employees…
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Population Health Management Software and ServicesAnalysis, Innovation, Technology, Development Process,

The research report of the global Population Health Management Software and Services market also includes an in-depth assessment of competitive landscape. It scrutinizes the business and marketing approaches of the overall market for the forthcoming years. Along with this, the research report also includes an analysis of the current progresses and future plans of the…
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Marketing Land

Marketing Land provides a lot of quality content on different topics and industry news. From updates in content management systems, to new features on social media platforms, their posts are informative and relevant. Recently some of their posts covered the CES Tech event in Las Vegas by posting panel discussions and blogging about different topics…
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Wing, Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Business, Takes off in Finland

UPS drone delivery service has beaten all odds to make first commercial flights in North Carolina, transporting medical samples between various buildings at WakeMed Raleigh’s medical campus. Wing, the Google X moonshot project which graduated to become an independent Alphabet company in July 2018, is all set to soar in Europe. Today, it announced an…
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RBS: Cloud-Based Software for Terminals

Real-Time Business Solutions (RBS), a provider of smart systems for ports and terminals, has revealed the potential benefits and challenges of implementing cloud-based software. According to RBS, several “myths” have formed around the use of cloud-based technologies which need to be reassessed in order for port and terminal operators to leverage them successfully. Costly Investment…
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AI tool can detect PTSD by analysing voices: Study

The research, published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, found that an artificial intelligence tool can distinguish – with 89 per cent accuracy – between the voices of those with or without PTSD. Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can help diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by analysing patient’s voices, a study…
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Former Mozilla GM: Google sabotaged Firefox to boost Chrome

Mozilla’s former general manager has added to accusations that Google deliberately sabotaged competing browsers to boost Chrome’s popularity. Jonathan Nightingale gave his account in a series of tweets over the weekend. Despite being the main source of Mozilla’s income through a revenue share deal on search, he accuses Google of using dirty tactics to harm…
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Google helps developers automate tasks with Docs API

Google has launched a Docs API which enables developers to automate tasks for the popular word processor. For many people and businesses, Google Docs has become indispensable. I’m even using it to write this humble article. Today’s API launch helps developers get the most from Google Docs for their own apps. Many of the supported features…
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Google adds Smart Reply and Language Identification APIs to ML Kit

Google has announced the addition of ‘Smart Reply’ and ‘Language Identification’ APIs to its ML (Machine Learning) Kit. Until now, the APIs in ML Kit have focused predominantly on camera-based machine learning processing. The latest additions begin to unlock the many other possibilities for machine learning. Smart Reply provides the same features that you may be familiar…
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